After watching Pete's stand up comedy

  • “I've had the honour of working with Pete Grella professionally many times over the last few years. It has always been a joy to see him inciting the crowd into a frenzy of churlish laughter. His professional attitude and bearing make him an excellent choice for corporate engagements and his quick witted improvisational style truly make him a comedic lethal weapon. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a cornerstone of any comedy billing. He is a pure vein of comedy talent and a veritable fount of knowledge of the skill and craft required to achieve greatness in his field.”

    Andre King
    International circuit comic
  • "Pete Grella stood out from every performer I met in Hong Kong when I first played there. With a friendly wit, a boyish smile and sort of subversive slyness to his style you don't see coming. He's a master at getting the toughest crowds to laugh loud and laugh often. Some performers are stand-up comics. Some are improvisers. Peter not only does both brilliantly he does the thing professionals work years to accomplish; he has fun and as a result the crowd has fun with him. I cannot recommend Peter Grella enough for your stage, club or event. Book him now before you can't afford him!"

    Joe Klocek
    Stand-up, storyteller and Scorpio
  • “Pete Grella is one of the shining stars of the Hong Kong comedy scene. Stand-up, improv, sketch, Pete does it all!”

    Paul Ogata
    International Comedian and Porn Star
  • "Pete uses his experiences in life and in living abroad to poke fun at himself, to share his take on life, and to explore just trying to fit in. Which is all just a polite way to say he's broken down, old and lives far away... but is still damn funny. His clever comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, and his improvisational skills will have the audience in stitches before they even know what’s hit them!"

    Tom Cotter
    Runner-up “America’s Got Talent” 2012

After experiencing Pete's improv

  • "Take Out Comedy's Improv Workshop is a great way to guarantee a lot of laughs on a Wednesday night. Plus, you get to meet some great people...and then kill them like a samurai."

    Tim LaTour
    (former student)
  • "Through the improvisation games, we were able to get creative and learnt new ways of thinking. For example, 'language reply' allowed us to re-interpret things and create something different, the 'I am' game stimulated our thinking to build-on / add value to existing situations. It was indeed a fun and practical event."

    Ray Lam
    Senior Associate, Ogilvy Public Relations, Hong Kong
  • "Unlike standup comedy, improv skills enhance better teamwork! This workshop teaches better listening and adding to your team. Pete will bring more cohesiveness and everyone has fun along the way!"

    Jami Gong
    Founder, TakeOut Comedy
  • “If you’re an introverted (like me) or awkward individual (also like me), I highly recommend trying improv at least once. It’s a safe environment with like-minded people where you can unleash your inner comedian. Who knows, you just might find out a thing or two about yourself (e.g. having actual talent)."

    Chris Lin
    (former student)

...even bankers

  • She was impressed last night and she doesn't give out compliments without good reason. Said you were by far the best entertainment last night and very good by any standard.

    Senior Executive, International Bank

...and comedians

  • "Pete is a true professional. Not only does he make the audience laugh, but me too! Which after 38 years in the business, is a hard thing to do, Bay-Bee!"

    Bob Zeny
    Comedy Legend
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